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Atlas Home Health

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Our Certifications

About Atlas Home Health

Atlas is dedicated to promoting the well-being of our patients/clients. Because of this commitment, we strive to demonstrate our belief in the dignity and worth of each individual. 

Our staff consists of highly educated and committed professionals who provide kind, compassionate and courteous care; a combination not easily found in larger agencies. 

Wheather you are a potential client of a family member of a potential client, you can look forward to exceptional service. Please give us the opportunity to work for you!

Atlas Home Health is licensed by the state of Colorado.

Our Disciplines

Atlas Home Health is located on the city border of Aurora and Denver. We offer premium home health services to the Denver Metro area and the surrounding areas.

Colorado is a state well known for its quality of life. At Atlas Home Health, we understand we understand the community in which we reside. Offering skilled care and training in the privacy of the client’s home gives us the opportunity to focus on restoring our clients’ quality of life to the highest level possible.

Skilled Nursing

Our highly trained staff of professional nurses can accommodate all of your home care nursing needs.

Certified Nursing Assistant

CNAs help you to perform fundamental tasks of daily living, such as bathing and grooming.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapist will perform treatments to reduce your risk of falling by increasing your flexibility, balance and coordination

Speech Therapy

Speech therapist provides care that is designed to evaluate and treat neurological, cognitive and physical disorders that cause difficulty with speech, language, and swallowing.

Private Duty Nursing / PDN

Private Duty Nursing is defined as skilled nursing services provided by an RN or LPN on an hourly basis.

Medical Social Services

Medical social workers provide valuable services that help connect patients and their families with community resources.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists who will work with you to improve your cognitive and functional ability to perform basic activities of daily living.

Pediatric Home Health

Our Behavioral Health RN’s skilled nurse visit targets patient-specific diagnosis and reduces the need for urgent and emergent inpatient psychiatric care.

Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.

Margaret Mead

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What you need to know about home health care.

What is home care?

Who operates home health agencies?

Questions to ask when choosing an agency.

What to expect with a certified home agency.

What is the difference between a medical and non-medical home care agency? 

Questions to Ask When Choosing An Agency:

  1. Is the agency certified?
  2. How long has it provided care in your area?
  3. Has it provided care for people with needs similar to yours?
  4. Can you contact the agency after hours?
  5. Will it provide references from others who are familiar with its services?
  6. Does it provide the client with a care plan that specifies what services will be provided and by whom?
  7. Are the people who provide services licensed to do so?
  8. Does it check references and do criminal background checks before hiring employees?

How is Medicaid different from Medicare?

Medicare is a federal government-sponsored healthcare program primarily for seniors. Medicaid is healthcare for low-income families and is managed by both the state and federal governments. Medicare and Medicaid differ in terms of who they cover, how they are funded and governed. 

Why use home health care?

– Helps reduce medical costs without loss of quality.

– Allows patients to remain in their homes, proud and independent.

– Allows for early discharge from hospitals and prevents/postpones care in a long term facilities.

– Can be personalized to meet the needs of each individual.

– Patients remain connected to healthcare providers, which allows them to feel confident in the quality and continuity of care, while they are also independent at home.

– Physicians find many patients recover sooner and more comfortably in the familiar surroundings of their home than they do in a hospital.