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About Pediatric Care

Atlas Home Healthcare provides for exceptional care of pediatric patients.

Our company specializes in providing care for medically fragile and special needs children. At Atlas, families with children who require extra medical/ skilled attention are able to receive the pediatric home care they need from an experienced professional in the familiar and loving environment of their own home.

We have a specialized team that has extensive experience with children and provide compassionate, individualized medical care that meets the child’s needs but is also sensitive to the needs of the patient’s family. Each member of the team undergoes specialized training and monitoring by their case supervisor on monthly basis.

Atlas Home Healthcare’s pediatric home care services are available around-the-clock or on a per-visit, hourly or daily basis. We provide nursing and home health aide services as well as therapies on contractual basis.  

    Pediatric CNA Services

    Atlas Home Health has helped dozens of parents become CNA’s and provide services for their children and close loves ones.

    As a parent with a child with special needs, it can be overwhelming to fit the time you want to spend with your child into the time you have left over from your busy day, especially when you have a full-time career outside the home. However, as a parent in Colorado with a child with disabilities, home health care agencies can provide you with the option to attend school to receive your nursing assistant certification.

    If you are interested in providing CNA services for your child or a family member please contact us. Upon evaluation of the child we will put qualified applicants through CNA certification; once you are a Licensed CNA, you are able to provide care for a child, a family member, or a patient in need. This opportunity is available for Medicaid Members only at this time.

    Pediatric Private Duty Nursing

    At Atlas, we strive to get children that require skilled nursing back into their home with their families while receiving the medical or therapeutic care they need.

    Due to the ability to provide Private Duty Nursing, we are able to care for some of the most medically complex pediatric patients in the area. Private Duty Nursing is an excellent opportunity for families that have children that require long hour nursing shifts for up to 24 hours per day to provide the necessary medical home care needed to keep their children safe and comfortable at home. Upon referrals from hospitals that specialize in caring for children with disabilities, we work quickly and efficiently in gathering a qualified team of professionals that are able to care around the clock for your child. No matter how complex one’s condition is, we aim to get this individuals home to their families so that they can grow and prosper while being surrounded by their loved ones.

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